Monday, Mar. 25, 2019

China protects Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar from UN sanctions while tackling 13000 terrorists in Xinjiang
Balaji Reddy, Mumbai
China kept 13,000 Uyghur "terrorists" in Xinjiang in abusive prisons. They were forced to give up Islam, show allegiance to Chinese communism, and subjected to routine abuse.

Indian Navy flexing strength in Arabian Sea to set stage for Naval Blockade for Pakistan
Sudhir Chadda, Mumbai
Indian Navy has started to build Naval strength around Pakistan waters to show what a naval blockade of Pakistan will be if any more terrorist act happens in India coming from Pakistan sponsored terror organizations.

Bangladesh cricket team escapes narrowly in New Zealand Mosque attack
Balaji Reddy, Mumbai
Bangladesh cricket team has escaped narrowly in New Zealand Mosque attacks. Player Tamim Iqbal said that active shooters were spraying bullets and it was blood all over.

Russian and Syrian offensive in Idlib with a demilitarized buffer zone with Turkey
Sudhir Chadda, New Delhi
Russian and Syrian armed forces in Syria are pushing forward a final offensive on the rebels in Idlib. UN has pointed out the battle of Idlib can be dipterous in terms of human tragedy and crisis.

Women uprise against Pakistani Police
Borkha Azmi, Middle East
Assaulting women is common practice by Pakistani Police and law enforcement personnel. The law enforcers suffer a massive trust deficit among the common Pakistani citizens specially women of Pakistan.

Faulty sensors inadequate pilot awareness - Boeing 737 Max 8 of Ethiopian Airlines nose dives six ninutes after take off
Kiran Chaube, New Delhi
Faulty sensor? Inadequate pilot awareness? Boeing in last November issued a safety update that a fault in a senor can cause the aircraft model to nose dive suddenly.

Inflated Chinese growth needs CPEC which can be hit by terror outfits in Pakistan
Ravinder Jha, Indore
Now the biggest fear of Chinese Government is a Pakistani militancy against China in CPEC regions. It can be devastating for future Chinese economic strength and world super power projections.