Friday, Apr. 16, 2021

Sanjay Manjrekar predicts India may fail miserably in World Cup Cricket
Harish Bandre, Mumbai
The team is subjected to a continuous trial and error by the captain and the coach. England will be unfriendly in term of pitch, wind, and the crowd for the Indians.

Do not blame Dhawan and Rohit for 3rd ODI - it was strategic error on Indian side
Suresh Babu, Chennai
At least 50 runs were given away by Indian fielders. Dropped catches were instrumental in Aussies create the sensational score to start with.

Virat Kohli's weakness in batting - sledging can be biggest trouble
Suniti Agarwal, Kanpur
However, time and again it has been seen that one of the ways to trap him is to somehow create some confrontation and induce him to sledging. Once that starts it all down the hill for a while.

F16 and Mig21 Bison fight will restart in World Cup 2019
Kiran Chaube, New Delhi
Can Imran Khan and Wasim Akram prepare Muhammad Amir for a repeat of 2016 Asia cup twenty minute spell against India for World Cup 2019?

Can Imran Khan lead from behind and repeat 1992 for Pakistan?
Ashif Khan, Pakistan
In the middle of all war tensions at this time who will take the world Cup India or Pakistan? India is a better team but Pakistan will be led from behind by Imran again.