Friday, Apr. 16, 2021

Real farmers in India ready to create miracle – India on track for biggest wheat harvest ever
Sudha Maity, New Delhi
Compared with 107 million tons in the previous year production of the food grain is likely to reach 115 million tons this harvest year.

India breaks covid-19 vaccination record with 1.7 million doses administered in a day
Sanjeev Goel, Mumbai
India has accomplished the status of one of the fastest countries to reach the 20 million milestone.

Corrupt Trinamool leaders may face Yogi Adityanath style confiscation of properties
Tanmay Lahiri, New York City
Shubhendu Adhikari announced today what is gone is not gone, it will be taken from the illegal properties of Trinamool leaders in West Bengal and returned back to 30 millions

WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook policies pay for anti-Indian instigation and unlawful noncompliance
Carlos Guerra, New York City
The warnings are the result of tech companies’ reluctance to comply with taking down requests from the government related to anti-Indian activities allowed under their platform.

In West Bengal as criminals escape abroad from CBI, India can use Israel’s Mossad style Adolph Eichmann hunt
Preetam Sen, New York City, USA
Mossad captured Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann from his hiding home in Buenos Aires, and smuggled him to Israel to stand trial for his role ...

PM Modi’s game changer in West Bengal on March 7 with two Dadas Saurav Ganguli and Mithun Chakraborty
Ashis Sarkar, Kolkata, India
Ex Indian Cricket Captain Saurav Ganguli and well known Bollywood actor Mithun Chakraborty will be in stage with Modiji to start save Bengal revolution.

India thwarted China’s cyber attack on India’s Covid-19 Vaccine manufacturer Cerum Institute and Bharat Biotech
Kiran Chaube, Mumbai, india
China attacked India in the cuberspace after being defeated in vaccine diplomacy and militarily in Ladakh.

Islamization of West Bengal and driving Hindu Bengalis out like in Kashmir – a sinister plan of Pakistani ISI
Balaji Reddy, New York City
Here is how Islamic Jihadists can come to power through back door in West Bengal.

Rahul Gandhi calls India's anti China ASAT achievement as Theater
Sudhir Chadda, New Delhi
Indian Congress Party chief could not wait much before again insulting his own country after India demonstrated anti satellite missile capability leading to a overall missile shield against any adversaries.

Who benefits in extended number of phases in Indian Election?
Rakhi Rao, Kolkata
Polls will held in more extended number of phases in many states like Odisha and West Bengal. These two states will see cut throat competition between current ruling parties in the States and Bhartia Janata Party (BJP).

Opposition parties created the surging Modi wave that can deliver two thirds majority to NDA
Balaji Reddy, Mumbai
The nail in coffin was hammered when the opposition leaders started pitching against Indian Military questioning the air strike results and valor of Indian armed forces.

Ayodhya mediation may work this time in spite of little hope from either side
Sudhir Chadda, New Delhi
Two things are different this time. First is the mood of the aam janaata (common people of India). People are active in patriotism and supporting Mother India. Second is the upcoming Indian Parliament election.

How Pakistan infiltrated into Indian Political system - a major problem for India
India Daily Staff Reporter
Today, India faces for the first time in the last seventy years a scenario that certain politicians in India are forced to support Pakistan during confrontation between India and Pakistan.

Peace vs. terror - Muslims and Hindus work together in Phulwama to restore a 80 year old temple
Sohail Khan, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir
Many of the local residents mentioned that they like the older days when Muslims and Hindus lived together with temple bells from the Hindu temple (mandir) and the call of Azaan from the mosque.

Political impact of Kalashnikov AK-103/203 made at Amethi
Arvind Khandekar, Allahabad, UP
BJP showed its bug guns on Congress party by announcing the gun project in the deep territory of the main opposition party.

Solution to Kashmir may lie in reversal of ethnic cleaning of Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) through repeal of Article 370 and 35A in India
Anita Razdhan, Jammu and Kashmir
When Hindu minorities were killed and raped with State organized terror and threats incited by a would be Islamic nuclear power, the seeds of massacre in South Asia was put in the ground in 1990s.

No change in Jammu and Kashmir Article 370 and 35A after Indian cabinet meeting
Balaji Reddy, New Delhi
Indian cabinet met and discussed Article 370 and 35A on Jammu and Kashmir that allows a special status for the state where only Kashmiris are allowed permanent resident status.

Rahul Gandhi sharpens Rafael blame on Modi
Asif Iqbal, Political Correspodnent, Delhi, India
One chowkidar(guard) has defamed all chowkidars (guards) of India, says the Congress supreme leader eager to win the upcoming Parliament election.

Rahul Gandi browses mobile phone instead of showing respect to CRPF martyrs
Media Release
When several national leaders leaders were paying homage to the CRPF martyrs at Palam airport, Rahul Gandhi was caught browses mobile phonr instead of showing respect to CRPF martyrs.